Thoughts I had while watching “Heat”

-Michael Mann is a people’s champion. He’s a great filmmaker, but he operates strictly within the confines of Hollywood. Plenty of thrills, plenty of melodrama. He makes movies, not films.

-Al Pacino is great, I get it. But my god, can he over-act. De Niro, to contrast, is not quite the same scenery-chewer.

-Certain movies couldn’t possibly be too long. “Heat” is one of them. It’s 172 minutes, sure, but it crackles along like a tv show.

-Romantic subplots are the bane of my existence.

-Natalie Portman is a handsome lass.

-After seeing “Heat” and “Collateral,” I’m convinced that mr. Mann is an LA director. He really relishes the glitz and the sprawl, and these movies reflect that.

-mr. Mann has used the same score for every one of his movies that I’ve seen. It sort of rocks, but it’s very predictable. This is one reason why I say “he makes movies, not films.”

-Val Kilmer has deliciously pouty lips.

-Although “Heat” is famous for being the first movie with a De Niro/Pacino scene, I prefer to consider “Godfather II” that movie. They don’t appear together, but they do play father and son. (Albeit in different eras, via flashback). What could be more intimate than that? Plus, as much as I’m enjoying “Heat,” it’s not quite as good as “Godfather II,” I don’t think.

-Jeez, I’m only halfway through. Let’s see if I revise my claim that it couldn’t possibly go on too long. I can see romantic subplots coming to fruition on the horizon…

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